Mental Health among Youngsters Today

At a younger age, it is quite easy to remain in a fresh state of mind owing to minimal responsibilities, little to no social pressure and a large number of outlets for various kinds of mental and physical stresses if any at all. Yet still, it just so happens that in nowadays, the people falling prey to clinical stress and anxiety are adolescents, teenagers and young adults. It would be faulty to assume that all of the people subjected to stress and anxiety are youngster by a large sum of youth around the world are highly vulnerable to the said problem. Following are some of the most pertinent issues as to why stress, depression and anxiety are rampant among the young ones:

Bad Parenting:
Adolescence and teenage are the times when a person is on the cusp of making or breaking his/her personality. Which implies that they are ultra-sensitive to the environment around them. This further implies that if a teenager or an adolescent were to see his/her parents fighting over their issues, are harsh with the child or are in any way causing a negative influence, the child is very likely to keep such bitter experiences with him/herself for a very long time, which, as a result, could be the cause of stress or depression.

Unmanageable Workload:
It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh graduate starting a new job or a freshman working on your projects with tough deadlines, too much workload is likely to take a severe toll on your nerves. A great number of youngsters fall prey to various psychological illnesses that stay with them through their lives or could sometimes even be fatal.

Over Cyber-Socializing:
Call it cliché however many times you want, but the fact remains that the daily ‘overdose’ of social media is more harmful than it is productive. Scientific studies have shown that the use of social media generates the same chemical reactions in the brain as when a person does Coke (cocaine). In trying to keep up with ridiculous trends on social media, one is likely to fall prey to needless stresses or complexes.

The aforementioned are the most commonly observed triggers of stress and anxiety among many others in context of the youth. However, incorporating healthy outlets such as sports or other physical exertions, a good daily routine, a balanced diet and good energy in life can bring about a great degree of peace and pleasure into a person’s life.