Need for Betterment in the Mental Health Sector

Mental health sector has long been somewhat of a stepchild when we talk about the development of the health sector on the whole. As it just so happens that the entire health sector receives little attention in terms of quality check, mental health sector consequently receives almost no attention at all in that regard. This results in poor quality of services, lack of technical skill and free entry for anyone who has enough capital to start his/her own ‘business’ while completely forsaking the elements such as quality assurance, technical prowess, professionalism or any of the essentials needing to run a mental health & drug rehab institute.

There are two main reasons as to why the self-proclaimed ‘rehab-facilities’ seem more like mental asylum than a mental health care facility. Number one being the poorly trained staff. In case of a hostile patient, the staff struggles to contain the situation in a favorable fashion which leaves the patient wide open to the risk of physical injury or over dosage. Second reason being the poor management. Numerous facilities usually hire the staff and instruct them to adapt the “contain the situation by any means necessary” sort of approach. Consequently, the staff members proceed to abuse their liberty by becoming perilously brutal in their ways to control a hostile patient. Third problem are the methods of treatment. To an unpleasant surprise, a huge number of drug rehabs resort to pumping the patients full of prescription drugs to keep them docile. This results in the patient’s dependency upon drugs to grow, which leads to deterioration of the patient’s health.

However, the recent upsurge of information owing to social media has resulted in a fair number of people becoming aware of and acknowledging the problem. Therefore, in interest of being responsible and compassionate citizens, everyone should support the idea of promoting mental health. Innovative methods the campaigning should be implemented that particularly allow the youth to be the ambassadors for this message. The educational institutes as well as the entire research and communications industry should take notice of this gap and engage in an aggressive pursuit of bringing about awareness to the masses in order to alleviate any existing or possible tragedies related to mental health issues.